Newcastle Fee Management Policy / Terms & Conditions

Newcastle Springloaded Gymnastics Membership Policy and Terms & Conditions

Membership: Annual Registration & Insurance Fee

All participants of Springloaded Gymnastics are required to pay our Annual Registration and Insurance Fee of $45 which is to be paid prior to a participant’s second class. This fee covers administration costs and includes registration and insurance for the calendar year.


Springloaded Gymnastics offers all potential members the opportunity to trial their first class at a cost of $15 before committing to the Annual Registration and Insurance and Terms Fees.

Term Fees

Fees are calculated on a term basis, which we align as closely as possible to the NSW public school terms. All Springloaded Gymnastics members have the option to pay weekly or full term fees. Term Fees will be payable according to the number of weeks in any given term. As such term fees may vary from term to term, due to variations in length. Participants starting part way through a term will be payable pro rata for the remaining weeks of the term.

Payment Methods

Springloaded Gymnastics accepts cash, eftpos and cheque. Payments can also be transferred directly into the Gateshead Indoor Sports Pty Ltd bank account. These details can be given upon request, please see our administration staff.

Sibling Discounts

Springloaded Gymnastics offers families a sibling discount on term fees paid in full. The reduction in term fees is 10% for each sibling enrolled concurrently in the same term, after the first child. The reduction is applied to the child with the lesser value term fees.

Multiple Class Discount

Springloaded Gymnastics offers clients a multiple class discount on term fees paid in full. The reduction in term fees is 10% for each class enrolled concurrently in the same term, after the first class. The reduction is applied to the class with the lesser value term fees.


Springloaded Gymnastics does not offer refunds. Exceptions will be considered for extended injury or illness exceeding 3 weeks. Medical certificates may be required to claim. Claims will be dealt with on an individual basis, please see Springloaded Gymnastics management.

Makeup Classes

In the event that a member who has paid for the entirety of the term and is unable to attend their allotted class they can request to do a makeup class. Makeup classes are limited to three (3) in any given term. Members /Parents or Guardians must notify us of their non attendance prior to the commencement of the class. To redeem a missed class members/parents or guardians must notify us of the day of the intended make up class to check availability. Springloaded Gymnastics cannot guarantee the availability of makeup classes; they may not be carried over from one term to another and there are strictly no refunds for missed classes.

Public Holidays

Where a Public Holiday falls within the public school term, no classes will operate, and term fees will be adjusted to reflect this for any classes affected.

Arriving and Departing Centre

Please arrive at least 5 minutes early for class to ensure that you are able to complete all relevant sign in procedures with our administration staff and begin class on time. Warm up is a critical part of a gymnastics program to prevent injury. When class is due to commence, a Springloaded Gymnastics coach will call upon students to come onto the floor area where a group warm up is performed. Participants are then split into a group dependent on the amount of students and classes which we have in the time slot.

Please inform us if you know you will be late picking up your child. Instruct your child to wait inside the centre and you should escort them from the building to your car. During drop off / pick up times the parking area is crowded, please drive slowly and carefully.

Springloaded gymnastics accepts no responsibility for children dropped off early or picked up late from class. Our coaches usually have classes which they must take responsibility for and therefore cannot continue to supervise children if they are not collected. Children should be advised to notify a Springloaded staff member or coach if nobody arrives to pick them up.


Springloaded Gymnastics offer priority re-enrolment to our existing members which allow our current members the opportunity to secure a position in the following term. To secure a position, members must complete the re-enrolment form provided and return to the gym reception by the allocated date, alternatively members can re-enrol online at www.springloaded.com.au. Failure to do so may result in loss of current position of nominated class. Pre booking allows the centre to be best prepared for the term classes, maintaining our low gymnast to coach ratios and staffing with the best available and most suitable coaches.


Gateshead Indoor Sports Pty Ltd reserves the right to photograph/film at training and events and for these images to be used for display in centre and/or advertising purposes by Gateshead Indoor Sports Pty Ltd which may include publication on the internet in compliance with our child protection policy. Please advise us upon enrolment if you do not wish to consent.


Gateshead Indoor Sports Pty Ltd trading as Springloaded Trampoline Park (hereon after referred to as SLTP) wishes to advise you of the risk of injury which is associated with all sporting activities.

All sporting activities undertaken at SLTP are done so at your own risk. SLTP operates under policies and procedures which are designed to minimise the risks t our members and staff. Registered members are covered under the Gateshead Indoor Sports Insurance Policy should it be required. Serious injuries which have been received during the course of SLTP programs will need to be addressed by a staff member and an injury report filled, in the event you wish to make a claim.

All members of staff have relevant industry experience; some of our coaches are training and are working under the supervision of our Head Coach or one of our supervising staff.

Sport is a physical activity, accordingly, it may be necessary for our coaches to have physical contact with your child during the teaching of some skills, all of our staff members undergo Safe Working with Children Checks and any concerns you have should be directed to management.

SLTP takes the health and safety of all our members and staff extremely seriously and their well being is our number one priority.


Gateshead Indoor Sports Pty Ltd is committed to the security of your information. To view a copy of our Privacy Policy please ask an administration staff member or refer to our privacy-policy.